What Role Does Social Media Play in a SEO Strategy?

It has been confirmed by Google that they are giving social media bookmarks more and more value when it comes to search engine rankings. That means every website owner and SEO expert should be using social networking as a search engine strategy. But how important is it really that a site is getting social media traffic, and what is the very best service to use?

SEO and social networking, often called Web 2.0, adds action to a website and loads of social votes as well. Search engines do not only look for back-links and on site SEO any more, they are constantly checking out the activity of the site like updates and also web 2.0 elements and analyze the web page’s SEO and social networking activity accordingly.


Social media search engine strategy can be used to optimize a website’s social presence and interaction. But some social networking sites carry more weight from a SEO perspective than others. There is currently an endless list of social media and social networking sites online. It is crucial that a website owner or SEO expert develops a search engines strategy that focuses on web 2.0 elements as well. If the topic of SEO and social networking is new or unknown for the person they should sign up for a social media service that will help them optimize all their profile pages and include the relevant keywords.

Other than signing up for SEO and social networking websites, one has to create a profile that matches the whole website’s search engine strategy. The profile has to be keyword rich and contain a call to action or link back to the website. Whenever possible, anchor tags are preferred and one has to make sure that these profiles and updates are actively updated and linked to. This is going to give the website the correct amount and consistency of link juice that will eventually result in high search ranking.

Other than creating social media profiles and including them in the search engines strategy a website owner or SEO expert also needs to integrate the social media service into the website to create more buzz, action and interaction with users. There are some great SEO tools and Word press plug-ins that will automate these processes and build up a profitable and effective SEO and social networking strategy. The more users sign up, follow or befriend the website, the more votes are going to show up in search engines and a website is going to achieve better search results.

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