Ejaculating Too Early? – 3 Great Ways to Delay Your Ejaculation

Ejaculating too early? No need to worry anymore because I’m going to help arm you with the knowledge and tips that you need to become the master lover in the bedroom that your woman really wants.

Delay spray

Delay Products

You can delay your ejaculation tonight if you really want to. One way is to use a delay product such as a delay condom or a delay spray.

These both work on the same principle. They contain a small amount of anesthetic which takes the “edge” off your arousal and allows you to last much longer, often by at least 5 minutes or more.

Different Positions

Did you know that the missionary position is one of the worst for producing early ejaculation? This is because there is too much stimulation. It’s not even that great for the woman because clitoral stimulation is difficult and it is hard to get full penetration.

Instead you should try other positions where the thrusting is less, the penetration is still deep and the woman can get access to pleasure herself.

There are many and I recommend you try them all out but a good one is her on top and facing away from you. Try it and you will last much longer. Now go out and try even more positions until you find the best one for you.

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