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You are probably told most often what to do when playing basketball. However, highlighting some things you should not do is also important to mastering the sport. Being able to see what is wrong is a good thing because it allows you to be aware of the things that can get your team fouls or other violations on the court.

Every good player knows the rules, and they know what they can and can not do on the court. These five top things not to do on the court are something every player has to take to heart. One slip up may not be a big deal, but a player who really doesn’t know what they are doing wrong can end up making the team lose the game.

Make sure you and all your teammates understand that doing the following things can ruin the game for everyone.

1. Traveling

Traveling is a direct violation of the basketball legends rules. Traveling is when you are carrying the ball or performing an illegal dribbling action. Players must recognize the rules regarding traveling and avoid doing it. Many players travel when they are attacking the basketball hoop.

Traveling is a simple way to get your team a violation. Fortunately it is a simple thing to avoid if you are constantly aware of the ball and how you are handling it.

2. Losing eye contact

Eye contact is important in almost every team sport. You can not play as a team if you are not connected with your teammates. Eye contact allows you to know where other players are and what they are doing. You can often tell what a player is going to do through eye contact or send messages through eye contact that are subtle and not picked up by the opposing team.

Good eye contact should always be stressed by coaches because when eye contact is bad it leads to the ball being lost and players feeling disconnected from the team.

3. Knowing where the ball is at all times

Every player on the court, no matter where they are playing or if they are playing defense or offense, should always know where they ball is. Losing sight of the ball is a fatal mistake. Plays are missed, points are lost and games take wrong turns when players start to take the ball for granted.

You have to know where the ball is at all times. You have to always be watching where it is going because your goal is to either get the ball in the basket or stop the ball from getting to the basket. If you do not know where it is then you can not do either.

4. Leaving your position

There is always a reason that the coach places each player in certain positions. It is up to the players to follow the coach’s orders and play their position. Unless told otherwise or unless it is a great benefit to the team, a player should always be focused on their position.

When players start to leave their position it weakens the team and allows for mistakes and possible scoring by the other team.

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